I love a stupid guy named Kim Youngwoon♥

141018 Incheon Airport for SMTOWN ©Power-KangKing

@donghae861015 : As expected (from) our Kangin hyung!!! No matter where he is, he takes care of dongsaeng’s birthday, the cake of love. I love you, hyung !! I will eat it well :) I feel full* ! hehe
*not sure if he meant ‘(you) are reliable’ or ‘(I) feel full’ ;;;

141015 Show Champion Ending stage

[cut] 141014 Songbird Project feat. Zhoumi

Guess what!

Thanks to the very understanding fan, I got my username back! I promise I won’t throw the username away again:( yay!^^

I’m feeling really weird

because I just found out ‘youngwoonie’ this username has been taken on Twitter. took for granted that no one will take that username. I have’t been very active so far but I am going to take a longer hiatus from Tumblr right now.

because youngwoonie has been used everywhere (my persona account, my twitter un for years, and this Kangin dedicated blog), right now I’m in a mess. I will think of another username to use now and until then will remain on hiatus here.

p.s. I wanted to do a KangMi gifset but after this I lost all mood. and the fact that ‘youngwoonie’ would be credited if the post is shared on twitter. so sorry:( but anyway, Kangmi appeared on AS4U this week (with BTS) so look forward to it! I uploaded the cut on my youtube (StarShindongx)

A Song For You Facebook Update

우와!! 이거 대박 떡밥이네.. .. .. #사진에힌트있음 옛다! ㅋㅋ #강깅맛나여? #표정컨트롤러맛나여? #분식타임!! #쁘이 #MV

kangin doesn’t like being punched, he only has lips to talk//bonus siwon’s reaction

Best in variety


SUPER JUNIOR Twitter & Instagram Updates | 141008

@AllRiseSilver:We received an app that can lengthen our legs…. Donghee hyung lost weight #Shindongdiet #Yoyo

@Himsenkangin:The power of selfie stick~~~^^

@HeeZZinPang:Masiwon who puts a lot of things like mayonnaise on the pizza when eating it. On the contrary firstly I don’t even like pizza and chicken because I really really hate staining my hands with anything.. Kangin said something. “Hyung really eats in a way that makes people lose appetite” #Iknowthisbrat #Mymumalsosaidthiskindofthingssinceiwasyoung

@HeeZZinPang:Selfie stick is troublesomeㅡㅡ #Threefools #Foolishthreebrothers #SIWON #KANGIN #HEENIM

@siwon407:On set for Spao filming. With beloved Cho Seunghyun pastor-nim ^^ (T)

Kang!DJ at Sukira ©imagine_淙JS

Hyukjae doing his ment but some kids wouldn’t leave him alone xD


Ryeowook: “going to Korea, bbyong ~”

Shindong: “see you in korea~^^ #IAmHungry #OutOfTheBlue #IWantToEat #samgyupsal!! ㅎㅎ ”

Shindong: “and Zhoumi didn’t say anything..”


[Scan] Mamacita polaroid postcard set 

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