I love a stupid guy named Kim Youngwoon♥


140921 Super Show 6 in Seoul ©_財源廣進

OMG, looked back to It's You music video and Kangin is just smoking hot in it. The fan girl feels emerged. *fans self* Do you have a favorite era or hair style of Kangin?

oh wow~~~ I never hear anybody say Kangin was hot in Neorago. I actually fell in love with Kangin from Neorago era^^ and people often ask why him *shrugs*

I’m quite bias towards his Neorago era. The hair, MV clothes, performance clothes etc…

140921 Super SHow 6 in Seoul ©3vonn3Looi

140919/140920 Super Show 6 in Seoul ©with_kangin


Super Show 6 in Seoul

100th SUPER SHOW- Super Junior World Tour “SUPER SHOW SIX”

140920 SMTOWN Now update

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This is definitely not ok.

No person deserves to be unloved, no matter how small mistakes we make in the past (fucking over 4yrs ago get over it) and make that as an excuse to hate on someone or be embarrassed of someone.

It is not okay to hate on someone because of their weight. Just because he is always smiling and joking around doesn’t mean he isn’t a human with fucking feelings like you. 

This is truly heartbreaking how people have been treating him like this for years, maybe that is a reason behind his mistakes? because haters like you bash on him before he even made those mistakes?

The hate goes far before he even made those comments, because he is ‘fat’.

If you don’t like him, at least respect him, and don’t say anything, because he fucking deserve the best ‘see you later’ before the army. He contributed so much into this group, I can’t even count how many times.

Without him, it is not Super Junior at all, and don’t you forget that your other oppas in SJ are probably smiling because of him.

I know that unpopularkpopopinion post irritated me too. I'm like "did they ever think that maybe he's not as good as hiding the fact that he gets barely any sleep because of these promotions?". I've watched all these performance and when ever the camera's on him (and even when it's not) he's always got a smile on and doing his damn best. So I thank you for calling that person out. Sorry about the rant, feel free to delete this.

:) I feel I had to say something about it because he IS working hard too. I don’t get where the fan said Kangin isn’t putting enough effort. I want to know which performance she has watched. Another thing I have to mention which I forgot to, when Heechul ‘half-asses’ it’s his style -.- When Kangin does it (he doesn’t IMO) suddenly it’s something to dislike.


i watched each and every Shirt + Mamacita music performances, and I noticed that Kangin is always half-assing in all of it. While most of the other members are dancing passionately and with energy, Kangin looks like he doesn’t wanna be there. I notice this because I am a huge Kangin stan, so it hurts me because Super Junior is already not that popular and I don’t want netizens to bash on them because of this (like they did with SNSD) :(

Huge Kangin stan??? O.O saying he’s not putting in effort in their stages? I see him dancing as well as the others. and considering he is in the back quite often he’s still working as hard.

140915 Show Champion

140917 Show Champion

Show Champion Twitter update:Leeteuk and Kangin with this week’s trophy for MAMACITA6thWin
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